Method of Solving a Linear Equation in One Variable

In the earlier topics, we have discussed in detail Linear Equations in One Variable. Now we will try to expand your knowledge on the concept and deal with the method of solving linear equation in one variable. Solving a Linear Equation in One Variable refers to finding the Solution of Linear Equation in One Variable. Check out Solved Examples for finding the solution of linear equation in one variable and learn the related concept.

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How to Solve Linear Equations in One Variable?

Follow the simple steps listed below and learn the rules for solving linear equations in one variable clearly. They are along the lines

  • Observe the linear equation carefully.
  • Identify the quantity you need to find out.
  • Split the equation into two parts i.e. L.H.S and R.H.S and later check the terms containing constants and variables.
  • Shift all the constants to R.H.S of the equation and variables to the L.H.S of an equation.
  • Do the needful and perform arithmetic operations on both sides of the equation to get the value of the variable.

Examples on Methods of Solving Linear Equation in One Variable

Example 1.
Solve 2x – 6 = 30?
Given 2x – 6 = 30
Transfering constants to one side and variables to one side we have 2x=30+6
x=36/2 =18
Thus the value of the variable x is 18

Example 2.
Solve 4x – 32 = 16 – 2x?
Given 4x – 32 = 16 – 2x
Since there are variables on both sides let us move them to one side to find their value.
x=48/6 =8
Thus, the value of the variable x is 8

Example 3.
The sum of the two numbers is 30. The numbers are such that one of them is 5 times the other number. Find the numbers?
Let One Number be x
Another Number is 5 times x = 5x
Sum of Two Numbers =30
Therefore, numbers are 5, 25

Example 4.
A mother is 3 times older than his daughter. If the sum of ages of both mother and daughter is 48 years. Then find the age of both of them?
Let the age of the daughter be ‘x’ years.
Then, mother’s age = 3x years.
It is given that sum of their ages is 48 years.
So, x + 3x = 48
4x = 48
x = 12.
So, daughter’s age = 12 years.
Mother’s age =3x = 36 years.

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