Decimal Fractions with 1000 as a Denominator

In algebra, a fraction has 1000 or 100 or 10 as the denominator means it is a decimal fraction. Decimal fractions with 1000 as denominator are also called thousandths place. Get the easiest method to represent the decimal fractions having 1000 as denominators. Also, go through the useful details like what is a decimal fraction, what is a fraction, decimal, and how to represent decimal fractions for a better understanding of 6th Grade Math Students.

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Decimal Fraction Definition

In algebra, a decimal number is defined as a number whose whole number part and the fractional number part are separated by a decimal point (dot). A fraction is a numerical value that is part of the whole. It is a portion of a whole quantity.

A decimal fraction is a fraction whose denominator is a power of 10 i.e 10, 100, 1000, 10000, and so on. The numerator for the decimal fraction can be any natural number.

Decimal Fractions with 1000 as Denominator

Thousandths place is written as the decimal fraction with 1000 as the denominator. The simple methods to represent is visually are listed here.

  • Take a square box.
  • Divide the box into 1000 equal parts.
  • Shade the numerator number of parts in the square box to get the decimal fraction.

The following examples explain how to represent the decimal fraction with 1000 as the denominator.

(i) One-thousandth
One part is shaded among thousand equal parts so it is called one-thousandth. A decimal fraction is 1/1000 and a decimal number is 0.001 or point zero zero one.

(ii) two-thousandths
Out of 1000 parts, two parts are shaded so it is two thousandths. Its decimal number is 0.002 or point zero zero two and the decimal fraction is 2/1000.

(iii) ten-thousandths
Among 1000 equal parts, 10 parts are shaded so it is ten thousandths. Its decimal fraction is 10/100 and the decimal number is 0.010 or point zero one.

(iv) ninety-five thousandths
Only 95 parts are shaded in the square box so it is ninety-five thousandths. Its decimal number is 0.095 or point zero nine five. Its decimal fraction is 95/1000.

(v) nine hundred ninety-nine thousandths
If 999 parts are shaded among 1000 parts, then it is called nine hundred ninety-nine thousandths. Its decimal fraction is 995/1000, the decimal number is 0.995 or point nine nine five.

FAQ’s on Decimal Fractions Having 1000 as Denominator

1. How to express thousandths as a decimal?

The thousandths place value is the thousandth as a decimal. For example, the fraction 805/1000 in decimal form is 0.805.

2. How to convert decimal to fraction?

Find the numbers after the decimal point and divide the number by that power of 10 to remove the decimal. For 0.785, it has 3 numbers after the decimal point, we will divide it by 1000. The fraction is 0.785 =  785/100.

3. What is 1000 percent as a decimal?

In decimal form, 1000 percent is equal to 10.
1000/100 = 10.

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