Decimal Fractions with 100 as a Denominator

A fraction which is having a multiple of 10 is called a decimal fraction. The decimal fraction with the denominator 100 is called the hundredth place. The decimal fraction can be represented as numerator/denominator, where the denominator is always 100 and the numerator varies. All the 6th Grade students can know the steps to represent hundredths visually and the way to write it in the following sections.

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What is a Decimal Fraction?

A fraction has two parts namely numerator and denominator and is expressed as numerator/denominator. If a fraction or a mixed number whose denominator is a power of 10, then it is called a decimal fraction. It can also be expressed as a decimal point. The examples of the decimal fractions are 1/10, 2/100, 3/1000, 4/10000, and so on.

Hundredth Place in Decimal Fractions

The hundredth place in a decimal fraction means the fraction must have the denominator as 100. In simple terms, we can say that if a fraction’s denominator is 100 means it can be easily represented as a decimal number by placing a decimal point at the hundredth position of the numerator, so it is known as the hundredth place in decimal fractions.

Some of the examples of decimal fractions with 100 as denominators are 1/100, 5/100, 86/100, 67/100, etc.

Representation of Decimal Fractions with 100 as Denominator

The following are the simple steps to visualise the decimal fractions having 100 as the denominator.

  • Consider a box and divide it into 100 equal parts.
  • Colour the numerator value number of parts in the box.
  • That gives the hundredth position in the decimal fraction.
  • You can also represent it as a decimal number by placing the point.

Represent 8/100, 50/100 and 85/100 here.

Take a square box and divide it into 100 equal parts
Eight Hundredth
Here, the shaded part is only eight, so it is eight hundredths. In decimal fraction, 8/100 and the decimal number is 0.08 or point zero 8.
Fifty Hundredth
As the shaded part is 50, so it is fifty hundredths. The decimal number is 0.50 or 0. and the decimal fraction is 50/100.
Eighty Five Hundredth
Out of 100, the shaded part is 85, it is called eighty-five hundredths. The decimal fraction is 85/100, the decimal number is 0.85 or point eight five.

FAQ’s on Decimal Fractions Having 100 as Denominator

1. What does 0.01 mean?

0.01 is a decimal number that is equal to the fraction 1/100. It is also called the one-hundredth in decimal fraction. The amount of 0.01 in percentage is 100% and in the fraction is 1/100.

2. What is a fraction with a denominator of 100?

A fraction with the denominator hundred is called the hundredth in decimal fraction. It can be represented as numerator/100. The numerator can be any whole number.

3. What is 57% as a fraction?

According to the conversion table, 57% = 57/100. So, the fraction of 57% is 57/100.

4. What is 12/100 as a decimal number?

12/100 can be written as a decimal number i.e 0.12.

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